Prayers for Cheryl

Prayers go out to Cheryl White, the first black female jockey and the first woman at a major track to win five throroughbred races.  She rode over 750 winners in her career.  Her brother, Raymond,  informed us that she is currently in a coma in Youngstown, OH as of May 25, 2019.

Prayers go out to Cheryl from the Black Female Equestrian community for her full recovery.

Cheryl White Photo JOCKEY Gear_2019

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I am an equestrian trained in hunt seat. I am an avid horse advocate and I am the Marketing Director and Volunteer Coordinator for a horse rescue in Cumming, GA called I also own a horseback riding Meetup group called Georgia Horseback Riding that has a membership of over 700 horse enthusiasts. Join us on Facebook
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