Who Says Black Women Can’t Ride Horses?

Great Video –  Barrel racing is a very competitive sport.  To be good, it takes a lot of training, conditioning, and dedication.

Source: Black Trail Riders TV

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I am an equestrian trained in hunt seat. I am an avid horse advocate and I am the Marketing Director and Volunteer Coordinator for a horse rescue in Cumming, GA called www.savethehorses.org. I also own a horseback riding Meetup group called Georgia Horseback Riding that has a membership of over 700 horse enthusiasts. http://www.meetup.com/Georgia-Horseback-Riding/members/ Join us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/blackfemaleequestrians/
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2 Responses to Who Says Black Women Can’t Ride Horses?

  1. xeribunni says:

    Where I grew up out in Hanover County Va, there were only two black riders at the shows and barns in the decade I rode there in the 80’s. John the awesome trainer that sugar coated nothing. He told you when you screwed up and showed you how to fix it. You learned more just sitting on the fence and watching him teach than from anyone else around.

    Then there was the perfectly dressed girl on the perfectly braided and groomed paint horse that was a dream to watch in the ring. I envied those braids, I can’t braid a horse to save my life. She’d come in and the first place ribbons would rain down upon her. I loved watching when she came to shows. She was amazing. I hope she is still riding today. It was definitely her calling in life.

    I’m glad to see more black women riding and just PoC out there on horses than there were back when I rode. It’s so good for everyone to care for and ride horses. You change lives when you put someone on a horse and teach them to ride. It teaches a person to live in the moment. It’s so good for the heart and mind.

    And yes, as a mixed race woman…I need to get my ass back out there and ride. It’s a huge hole in my life that needs to be filled.

    Thank you for having this site. ❤

  2. bfequestrian says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights. Hope you have got back on the horse. 🙂

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