DeBoraha Akin-Townson (Barrel Racing)

deorah akinDeBoraha Akin (Townson) became the first Black cowgirl to compete in the International Professional Rodeo Finals in 1990. Today she is the only African American Woman to compete with a professional card in the WPRA (Women’s Professional Rodeo Association) at PRCA rodeos throughout the United States.

Rodeo Accomplishments: 1st African-American Female to compete in a rodeo finals 1990 IPRA, Tulsa, OK. 1989 IPRA Western Region Champion, 5 time Bill Picket Invitational All-Around Cowgirl, 6 time Bill Picket Invitational Barrel Racing Champion, 2003 California State Fair Lifetime Achievement Award, 2010 California Silver Lining Champion,

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